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Migraines and Insects

Posted by healthwyse on February 8, 2008

A Queens Biology Professor says that the way locusts react to stress may provide an important clue to understanding what causes human migraines – and how to reduce their painful effects.

Dr Robins is studying insects and examinig how they cope with stress. They discovered that the locusts reaction to stress is very similar to what is associated with migraines and stroke in humans.

As a way of temporarily shutting down and conserving energy when conditions are dangerous, the locust’s coma has many of the same characteristics seen in people at the onset of a migraine. “We feel there may be an evolutionary link between the two,” Dr. Robertson suggests.

While migraine has been associated with this disturbance for some time, they still don’t really understand how it works. And that understanding will be key to designing new migraine treatments.


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