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Migraines – accept or fight bak

Posted by healthwyse on February 13, 2008

Migraine and Migraine Headahaches can be debilitating with symtpoms including headache, nausea, dizziness and visual phenomenon.The problem is that many people sufferring from migraines just accept them as a part of life. Others choose to fight back and take a proactive approach to migraine management.

 One of the most effective means of managing migraines is recognising your triggers. Neurologist David Buchholz of Johns Hopkins University takes his headache patients off the drugs, telling people to use the power they have in their own hands to control their headaches.

Caffeine, MSG and chocolate are commonly recogned as migraine triggers. But Buchholz’ list includes many more food products.

“Suppose there are 100 things that trigger headaches. And somebody tells you to avoid two or three of them, but you eat the other 97. You’re still going to get a headache,” says Sees.

Often food triggers don’t cause headaches immediately. The effects can be delayed for up to 2 days whoich can make it very difficult to identify the trigger in question.

One of the suggestions he makes is to avoid fresh produce containing tyramine. It’s a natural food-chemical linked to headaches. Buchholz recommends replacing onions with shallots and leeks.

Tyramine is found in a lot of healthy foods, including bananas, citrus, nuts and cheeses. Aged cheeses contain the most.

Avoding food is only start and probably won’t eliminate all of your headaches. There are a lot of triggers that people can’t control but food makes a great place to start.


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