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Migraines without a headache??

Posted by healthwyse on February 7, 2008

Most migraine sufferers just want the aching to go away, but Baylor College of Medicine ophthalmologists say even “painless” migraines can still pack a punch.An estimated 20 percent of migraine sufferers experience migraine without a headache. These type os Migraines are usuaally accompanied by visual disturbances.

“People are usually surprised they can be diagnosed with migraines without ever having a headache,” said Dr. Rod Foroozan, assistant professor of ophthalmology at BCM. “Most people are used to understanding a migraine to mean pain.”

 Symptom can include  transient loss of vision, blind spots, flashing light or shadowy spots and double vision.

 Migraines without headaches are not directly related to the eyes. Instead the migraine activity occurs in the visual cortex of the brain located in the back of the skull.

Many factors can contribute to migraine, some serious and some less so.

One way doctors rule out sight problems is by giving a visual field test. It is a computer-based test that displays lights in different parts of the field of vision while the eye is focused on a target. When the patient sees a flash of light, he or she hits the buzzer. This lets the doctor know what areas of the eye detect the light.

Once the correct diagnosis is given, the proper treatment can be determined to help prevent or minimize migraine side effects.


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